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Winner’s Edge FAQs

Get the answers to all your Winner’s Edge questions. Learn how to enroll, use your card, redeem your points and so much more.

It just takes a few minutes to become a Winner’s Edge member! You can enroll at Camrose Resort Casino and Century Mile Racetrack and Casino in one of two ways:

Option 1 - At the Winner’s Edge kiosk:

  1. Click the Join Now button and accept the program’s terms and conditions
  2. Scan your Alberta Operator’s License or Alberta Identification Card
  3. Create a unique PIN for your Winner’s Edge card
  4. You’ll be asked to visit Guest Services. At Guest Services, a representative will ask to see your ID and will provide you with your new member card, and just like that, you will officially become a Winner’s Edge member!

Option 2 - At Guest Services:

Once you arrive at Guest Services you’ll be asked to do the following:

  1. Show your ID
  2. Accept the program’s terms and conditions and create your PIN
  3. A Guest Services representative will enter your information into the system and provide you with your new member card, and as quick as that, you’ll become our newest Winner’s Edge member!

To begin a session, insert your card in the slot machine or electronic table game reader as shown. You will automatically accumulate points for every dollar wagered, plus bonus points on special promotions. Don’t forget to remove your card when you cash out or leave the machine.

You can also use your card to access the Winner’s Edge kiosk, or show it to your server when dining to receive a discount on select menu items.

Redeeming our points is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Insert your Winner’s Edge card into a slot machine or electronic table game, then select the My Account icon;
  2. Enter your PIN number to display your points balance;
  3. Select an amount of points to convert into free play in one dollar increments, confirm your redemption amount and let the free play begin!

Please note that you may only redeem points at casinos where Winner’s Edge is available. Visit the My Casino page periodically to view which casinos have the program available.